2 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Renting Portable Cooling Units For Your Upcoming Summer Gathering

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2 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Renting Portable Cooling Units For Your Upcoming Summer Gathering

31 August 2023
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If you are responsible for planning the details for an upcoming outdoor gathering in the summer, one of the things you may be concerned about is keeping the guests comfortable. This is especially true if the event will take place during the hottest time of the season.

To help lower the temperature for those attending, you may have decided to rent cooling equipment but are having trouble figuring out what you should get. If so, you can start by asking yourself a couple of questions before renting portable cooling units for your upcoming summer gathering.

1. What Is the Electrical Usage Situation at the Outdoor Venue Where You Will Host Your Gathering?

One thing you should ask yourself about before reviewing your options for renting equipment for the outdoor event has to do with the electrical situation at the venue. Before you contact the rental service, either visit or speak to someone at the venue to find out if electrical outlets are available and if there are any restrictions to electricity usage.

Once you have this information, you can speak with the cooling equipment rental service to start planning whether the outlets are sufficient or if a generator will be needed. They can also look at any restrictions when suggesting portable air conditioning sizes, large fans, and tent fans that will stay within them.

2. Does the Area in Which Your Event Will Be Held Tend to Have Dry or Humid Heat?

Another question you should ask yourself has to do with the type of heat you will be contending with on the day of the gathering. Think about the venue's area and determine whether it is known to have dry or humid heat.

For dry heat, the rental service may recommend misting fans to add moisture into the air as well as portable evaporators instead of traditional air conditioning units. For humid heat, they may suggest portable air conditioners with dehumidifiers positioned around the area to draw out the moisture from the air.

While planning how to keep the guests of your upcoming summer outdoor gathering comfortable, consider how many outlets and electrical allowances you will have when choosing cooling options. You should also think about the type of heat in the area, which will determine whether you need an evaporator cooler or misting fans for dry heat or dehumidifiers and portable air conditioners for humidity. For further assistance and to find out more about your options, speak with a representative with a business in your area that offers rental portable cooling units for outdoor events.

Keep these tips when looking for portable cooling for outdoor events.