Balloon Garland Ideas For A Graduation Party

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Balloon Garland Ideas For A Graduation Party

26 September 2022
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It's a big deal when your child graduates, whether they've just completed middle school, high school, or college. If you're thinking about throwing them a graduation party in your home or backyard, you'll want to ensure that you decorate the space to give it as festive a feel as possible. One way that you can achieve this goal is with balloons. It can be fun to choose balloons that are specific to the occasion, and a local balloon decoration company can help with a custom balloon garland. The company carries all sorts of balloon styles, including many that you'll want for your event. Here are some balloon garland ideas for a graduation party.

Graduation Year

A good way to start your quest for suitable balloons for your child's graduation party is to choose some balloons for the garland that feature the year. The year of a child's graduation — particularly if it's from high school or college — will remain a significant year in the child's mind as they get older. Balloons that feature the year printed on them will add a special feel to the party and be a good backdrop for any family photos you take. Balloon companies often have balloons with the current year, so you won't have trouble getting as many as you need.

School Colors

If you like the idea of adding a lot of balloons to the party, you'll want the garland to include an assortment of balloons that depict the colors of your child's school. Most schools have a couple of colors that they use in their branding, and you can show a sample image that depicts these colors to a salesperson at the balloon company so that they can find balloons that are a close match. If your child's school uses green and gold, for example, a large volume of green and gold balloons will be appropriate for the gathering.

Congratulatory Wording

Balloon companies have many different balloon designs that feature wording, including several that have congratulatory messages that are appropriate for a graduation party. You'll want to order some balloons with simple phrases such as "Congratulations," "You did it," or "Way to go." You may even find balloons that have wording that is more specific to the occasion, including "Graduate." Order a selection of each of these balloon styles to include in the garland. 

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