3 Popular Themes In Inflatable Water Slides

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3 Popular Themes In Inflatable Water Slides

2 September 2022
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Few things can add more fun to a summer party for kids than an inflatable water slide. Your children may have experience using water slides at a local amusement park, but being able to enjoy this activity in their own backyard can be a thrill they remember for a long time. Look for an inflatable water slide rental company in your area and browse its website to learn about each of the slide models available for rent. You'll see products in several sizes and shapes, as well as featuring different vibrant themes. Here are three popular themes to consider.


It's relatively common for inflatable water slides to have jungle themes, which can add a sense of adventure for your children and their friends. Although the specific design can vary between water slides, one that has a jungle theme will often have inflatable foliage that lines the sides of the slide. As your child slides, they'll be able to use their imagination and pretend they're zipping along a raging river that runs through a jungle. Some of these slides will even have jungle animals printed on them, which helps to add to the adventurous vibe.

Ocean Animals

You should also expect to find some inflatable water slides that feature an ocean theme, complete with a variety of ocean animals. These slides appear primarily in blue to depict water, and will often have raised areas that are shaped and printed like waves. Ocean animals can appear in different ways. For example, you might find an inflatable sea creature that appears at the top of the slide or at its base. These designs can give your child a chance to slide through the open mouth of a shark or a whale.


If you're having a party close to the Fourth of July, you might want to look for an inflatable water slide that has a patriotic theme. You'll likely be decorating the yard of your home or cottage with red, white, and blue decorative items that feature plenty of stars and stripes, so a water slide that has a similar look can fit in well. Many companies have patriotic-themed water slides available for rent, and this large structure can serve as a fitting visual backdrop to your gathering of family and friends. Reach out to an inflatable water slide rental company to learn what themes it has available in its slides.