3 Ways To Keep Your Outside Wedding Warm As Fall Approaches

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3 Ways To Keep Your Outside Wedding Warm As Fall Approaches

31 August 2022
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Outdoor weddings in the fall and other cold periods of the year can be both romantic and comfortable with the right planning. Outdoor heaters are vital to ensure that. But which type of outdoor heater is right for your nuptials? Here's what every couple needs to know about patio heaters, wall-mounted heaters, and indirect heaters. 

1. Patio Heaters 

The most common type of heating apparatus at many outdoor events is a mobile patio heater. These come in several different styles and sizes but are often shaped like an obelisk or have a mushroom-like top. Place them around your venue to help provide ambient heat overall. Mobile heaters are some of the easiest and least expensive styles to rent. 

Patio heaters do have some downsides. The first is safety and practicality. You'll need to ensure to keep flammable materials - including the tenting — away from the heaters. You may also need to monitor the safety of guests and children around them as well as make sure the heaters remain stable. They also take up valuable floor space. 

2. Wall-Mounted Heaters

Moving heaters up and out of the way solves a number of potential safety and aesthetic issues. Wall-mounted heaters are mounted to a sturdy part of the framing where they won't come into contact with flammable material. Because they are placed high above guests, it's less likely that anyone could be injured. Their positioning may also help direct heat outward over the party. 

The first hurdle you must overcome is finding the right place to mount them. Care must be taken to keep them away from people and materials yet still achieve good positioning. They also generally can't be moved around during the festivities. 

3. Indirect Heaters 

The most complex type of outdoor heater is an indirect heating system. Designed for tents and other semi-enclosed spaces, indirect heaters are based outside the tent itself. The heating mechanisms do their work beyond the tent and out of the way of guests. Warm air is then pumped inside the tent through vents. This makes them some of the safest heating methods as well as more consistent than individual units. 

Your large event may benefit from an indirect heating system, in particular, if you need to save space or if patio heaters could be a safety risk. 

Where to Learn More

The best way to start finding the right heaters for your wedding is to learn more about the options. Visit a party planner with outside heater rentals in your area today to get more information. No matter which heating style you choose, your guests are sure to thank you, and everyone will have a great time as chilly weather moves in.